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Photography: PERU

The Amazon Rainforest

Here are some photos of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest which I visited at the tail end of the rainy season in 2006 (late March-early April). Most of these photos are from the lowland rainforest but the Peruvian Amazon which we visited also includes elfin forest and cloud forest in the Andes mountains.

Cloudy mists descend upon the lowland rainforest along the Alto Madre de Dios River.

A palm that the Yine Indians and other indigenous people use to make thatched rooves with; A Heliconius flower.

A giant leaf has fallen to the forest floor. For scale, a "normal" sized leaf is on the upper right tip. The yellowish leaf is about 5 feet tall!

A leafhopper and an orchid from the Amazon cloud forests in the Andes.

Rainforest trees have a lot of odd adaptations such as thorns and spikes on the tree trunk to prevent critters from stealing their fruit, and fruit that grows directly out of the tree trunk, called cauliflory.

A gigantic Kapok (or Ceiba) tree with a platform to climb up into the canopy. This tree rivals the ancient giants in the Pacific NW in the US! Its base is larger than a car length.

Red-and-green macaws feeding on a natural clay lick near Blanquillo. Known as geopagy or "earth eating" macaws feed on clays to counteract poisons from the seeds in fruit they eat.

Enjoying a hot spring in the Amazon rainforest.

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