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Photography: PERU

Scenes of Peru

Here are some photos as we drove through Peru from Cuzco to the Amazon, and from the day Daline and I spent in Lima.

Pre-Inca (Wari) Ruins outside of Cuzco. These are thought to be burial places.

A market in the Andean community of Paucartamba, on the way to the Amazon rainforest.

Bags of Coca leaves for sale, the plant used to make cocaine. It is used commonly (and legally) in Peru to make Mate de Coca, an herbal tea.

Once we got to Atalaya, we spent the rest of the traveling by boat. We spent a lot of time in a boat!

Cuzco was the Incan capital - the stone walls were built by the Incas and no one really knows how they got the giant stones together before machines etc. We spent a day and a half here before flying home.

Notice how the stones in the wall in Cuzco are rounded and fit together perfectly.

A cross in the city of Cuzco.

The last day we had about 8 hours in the Lima airport, so Daline and I decided to take a cab to the region called Miraflores on the Pacific Ocean. On the drive we saw Lima: lots of traffic (upcoming elections in a few days), air pollution, the city center, and then our destination at the upscale portion called Miraflores. It's very developed and had American restaurants like Tony Roma's and Starbucks. Nonetheless on the way back, we got into a supposedly reputable cab whose driver tried to get us into an unmarked blue car, and who chased us as we ran away toward the police! This is a Miraflores sunset over the ocean.

In my poor Spanish, it looks like this says "The Association for the Promotion of Bologna!" Ha ha! This is on a statue in Miraflores.

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