Writing Course Outline

i. Intro Post Bios, Interests, What you want to learn from this class

I. Week 1 Opening Pandora's Box
A. Outdoor Observation Journal Assignment 1
B. Freelancing 101 Resources

II. Week 2 Know Thy Nature Magazine
A. Individual Market Study Assignment 2
B. Environment/Nature Writing Resources
C. Editor Interviews/Q&As

III. Week 3 Sharpening the Focus
A. Topic-Spoking: Assignment 3
B. Matching Ideas to Markets
C. Research interviewing experts, doing research.

IV. Week 4 -- Crafting a Catchy Query
A. Develop a Query Assignment 4
B. Feedback

V. Week 5 & 6 -- Research & Writing
OPTIONAL Assignment 5 Due anytime before class ends
(OR Catch up on previous assignments)
A. Essay writing turn your journal entries into a saleable essay OR
B. Featurette write a 1,200 word piece on a topic of your choice
C. Any remaining questions - ask away!