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A man of sincerity is less interested in defending the truth than in stating it clearly, for he thinks that if the truth can be clearly seen it can very well take care of itself.

--Thomas Merton, No Man is an Island.
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Put it before them briefly so they will read it, clearly so they will appreciate it, picturesquely so they will remember it, and above all, accurately so they will be guided by its light.
Joseph Pulitzer

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Nonprofit Management

  • Received the Mongabay Prize for Environmental Reporting, a 6-month Special Reporting Initiative grant to report on how tropical forest conservation and human livelihoods can coexist.

  • I received the 2013 American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) Award -- Best Science/Tech/Biz Mag article. The Judges wrote, "Wendee's Did Tap Water Kill Lou Gehrig is science writing as it should be: sharp, clear prose that builds into a great story about an intriguing, sophisticated topic. Wendee's story stood out in a large and unusually strong field this year."

  • Changing Planet, Planet Health Q&A with co-author Paul Epstein, Harvard professor at Climate Central. Praised by the book's co-author Dan Ferber as "the most probing, incisive, interview that either of us have done so far."

  • "I just read Many Bayous, One River [Dec 2006 TX Parks & Wildlife Magazine]. Thank gosh we have writers like Wendee who have the history, the passion and the reporting and writing chops to take on a story like this. Kudos to her!!" -Tom Harvey, Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept

  • I authored the AOL Travel Guide to Houston-An online guide with the best attractions, hotels, restaurants, and more, as well as a history and overview of the Bayou City! (no byline). "I'm almost finished with the first sweep through your guide and it is awesome! Great style and by far the cleanest copy I've received yet." - Editor Craig Guillot

  • I received 1st Place 2006 IRMA Award (International Regional Magazine Association) for Best Nature Feature, Save the Monkeyface, published in Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine, April 2005.
My Latest Writing Clips

  • What we know - and don’t - about climate change in Africa. Ensia Magazine, Notables Blog. Feb 8, 2017.

  • Pollinator Power: Nutrition Security Benefits of an Ecosystem Service. Environmental Health Perspectives. Aug 2015.

  • The WASH Approach: Fighting Waterborne Disease in Emergency Situations. To report this story, Wendee Nicole visited two refugee settlements in Northern Uganda, Arua District's Rhino Camp and the settlements of Adjumani District. Environmental Health Perspectives Jan 2015 plus many of my images! PDF version here

  • Articles produced under the Mongabay Prize for Environmental Reporting/Special Reporting Initiative:

  • Pig Poop Power: Scaling up waste-to-energy technology could transform the hog farming industry. Discover Magazine, Mar 2014. (the full article will not be online until May).
  • Obesogens: An Environmental Link to Obesity. (PDF here). Feb 2012. Environmental Health Perspectives. (Also related news story on PFOA/ C8 Lawsuit Findings)

  • The Tiniest Catch Marine scientists are prowling the Bering Sea to learn how climate affects minute sea creatures and the lucrative fishery that depends on them. Nature. Nov 4, 2010. I also wrote 9 posts for Nature's Great Beyond blog when I was on the ship (that goes to the final one, with previous posts linked at the bottom).

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