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Feedback on my writing and musings

You are an extraordinary asset. A scientist who can write beautifully!
Michael Berryhill, (Former) Editorial Director, Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine

Love your writings! I look for them every week. You can make us all feel. That is a real gift. Thanks.
Anonymous Comment to Bohemian Adventures Blog

I opened your blog and read several entries. You say you love Anne Lamott-- you write like her in a way, I think. Very honestly. I admire your willingness to post your innermost feelings like you do.
Kim, Comment to Bohemian Adventures Blog

I like your writing style, so if you've got story ideas I'd love to hear them. I'd love to work with you again.
Marilyn Snell, Editor, Sierra Magazine

I just read Many Bayous, One River. Thank gosh we have writers like Wendee who have the history, the passion and the reporting and writing chops to take on a story like this. Kudos to her!!
Tom Harvey, Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept

Hooray Wendee! Great story. Why would you want to let Milton steal the thunder of your wonderful lead?

Here's a book idea for you. You should write a children's book about an environmental superhero named WhirlWendee. She slogs through the backwoods and marshes, flinging giant mudballs at unsuspecting villains.
Robert Macias, Editorial Director, Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine

Your article in the TP&W magazine on mussels was super!! I really liked how you weaved your story in and out of the river trip you took with me. Nice writer's touch.
Ronald Rushing, Navasota ISD schoolteacher

Since the issue [State of Springs] came out, several landowners have contacted me in hopes that we will visit their spring, which is great. I have also brought an issue with me when I have given presentations and when I speak with prospective landowners that want to be included in our study.
Chad Norris, Aquatic Biologist, Water Resources Branch

Everything I've ever seen you post to ecolog has displayed good sense and clear thinking. Wendee, I'm nominating you for Empress, heck with mere presidency.
Christopher J Wells, Geographer, National Wetlands Research Center, USGS

Your writing is beautiful. Whether you are making points in a carefully constructed argument, raising questions with possible answers for us to mull-over, or sharing news and things that have caught your curiosity, most everything speaks to me with a consistent voice that leaves a warm little ember of familiarity in me. Your gift is precious.

I have enjoyed your erudite writings and musings on this Log for years. I found your comments on the latest "hot topic" to again be very right-on. Please continue to share with us all.
David Barker, PhD., Postdoctoral Associate
Department of Biological Sciences, University of Nevada Las Vegas

After reading through several messages on this topic with increasing dismay I found it amusing that the best answer came not from one of the many scientists on this list but from a science writer. I agree totally.
Bill Silvert, Ecological Consultant and Writer

Feedback from past Biology students

Thank you for being a true blessing to me this semester. I don't think I have ever had a teacher who honestly cared as much as you did. Thanks for giving me the drive, courage, and committment to continue with my major in science. - DS.

You have been one of the best teachers I have had at this school. I had a lot of fun in class, it was so much better than my first class. I actually learned about biology. -JV

The Biology class was not too much suffering for me since we had you as an Instructor. You are the second instructor that I have enjoyed in my years at college. You are very cool & hip! - SH.

The best thing that I liked about biology would have to be your bright personality and how happy you are every time I am in class. - SK.

My teacher was real funny and understanding. She did everything she could to teach us and help us learn biology. She was very lenient on our class. My class was very disruptive and very loud. She didn't try to kill us or threaten us which really surprised me. -JW

My favorite part of the class was the stream monitoring project. I learned so much about the surrounding forests and streams. Now I recycle all the time and conserve as much as possible. Also everytime I see a river or lake its not as pretty anymore because all I see is the contamination and fecal coliform (yucky!). - BB

The journal brought to mind ideas that would not have occurred to me otherwise, and so was of some benefit to making my mind think creatively. Actually the class seemed to encourage that which was a nice change from the cold, scientific clinicism that usually drives a science course. -CJ

I just wanted you to know that I had to do the lab F several times because I kept losing track of the seconds and trying to break the toothpicks at the same time. My husband came in to see the kitchen table full of broken toothpicks and thought I'd had a nervous breakdown. - JM.
(This comment cracks me up! The lab uses toothpicks to teach students about enzymes...)

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